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DElicious, handcrafted media

We are craftsmen, seasoned producers and storytellers.  We believe that storytelling is an essential human endeavor and one that will help us leave the world a better place.  We design campaigns to drive positive outcomes for the people affected by the issues we bring to light.  


Sleep Well Tonight

...knowing that by engaging Nine Blocks as your content partner you are a part of a Social Revolution.  For real.  As the sibling company of ManifestWorks, Nine Blocks creates job opportunities for talented, passionate and driven people whose lives have been affected by the foster care and justice systems.

We live in Los Angeles, and the biggest employer in our town doesn't give a rat's ass if you've been locked up or if you spent your teenage years in a group foster home.  If you're ready to hustle and if you're not afraid of a 16-hour day, Hollywood and the World of New Media will welcome you with open arms.

Nine Blocks gives the alumni of ManifestWorks real world job opportunities as assistants and apprentices on all of our productions, because they're awesome and because our industry and our communities are better off for it.


We have no specialties


We're good at everything.



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